Hell’s Bells Alive

The Australian Horror Writers Association has published a new anthology with a Christmas ghost theme. It’s called Hell’s Bells. It showcases some great writing and one of my stories, called “Bitterness of Brugmansia.” Brugmansia is commonly known as Angel’s Trumpet… a pretty freaky flower, if you ask me, because the flowers hang downwards. My story explores […]

Weirdest green tea experience ever

I ordered green tea with my sushi today. It came in a small black cup. I smelled the green tea. It smelled like bad breath or calcium decay, or – maybe – the green tea that’s made with rice in it. It tasted a bit like dishwasher water smells. (I haven’t actually tasted dishwasher water.) […]

Gorgeous Place to Spend a Morning

I was up at 2am! Too early… Left home at 4am to quiet roads, red lights, a half moon and a glowing blue cross in the distance. Stopped a few times for photos of the Hinze Dam and the trees that have died with the rising water. (I’m working on a novella set there.) At […]

Conventions, Obstacles and Unicorns 

October has been such a whirlwind, it’s been great this week to have things settle down a bit! The month has been filled with great stuff, from Conflux in Canberra to Raw Numinbah (an obstacle course race) to a fun trip to Melbourne with the man and then daughter’s dance weekend. I celebrated a birthday […]

The Wizardry of Jewish Women

I’m delighted to welcome Dr Gillian Polack to my blog today, to talk about her new book. I found her discussion of Jewish magic particularly interesting, because the Greek women of my family practised a sort of magic too. I look forward to picking up a copy of her book at Conflux. To order your copy […]