Quindrebel and Real Life

My flash fiction piece “Quindrebel” was released in the Winter edition of Mirror Dance, yesterday. Mirror Dance is a beautiful free online publication run by award winning writer, Megan Arkenberg. “Quindrebel” is a bit Cinderella-ish, about the feeling of being trapped and needing to escape, and about taking risks and helping each other. I’ve also done some […]

Warm Fuzzies and Gadolinium

I’ve eaten too much junk food today, and all my stories are making me cranky, but I just had a rush of warm fuzzies because my friend Nicola Tierney has started a new blog. She’s a member of Prana Writers and a model builder. Speaking of Prana Writers, we had a great meeting on Saturday. […]

The Cover

Dead Red Heart is nearly here, so here is what it will look like! Pre-orders get a 20% discount here. I’ve been working on a short story about an evil tooth fairy. About 2000 words. I need to texture it up a bit and get some feedback, so if anyone has some free time and […]