Swancon and Lots of Other Stuff

Swancon is only two weeks away, and I am going to it. Yay! I get to interview Kylie Chan! And I’m on a couple of panels, one about critique and another about the portrayal of science in science fiction. I’m also doing General Crafting for the family stream and having a kaffeeklatsch. If no-one comes I’ll enjoy […]

Snapshot 2014: Claire McKenna

Claire McKenna is a writer and Clarion South Writers Workshop graduate who lives in the infamous Melbourne suburb of Frankston along with a big boy and a little boy. She started writing short stories over 20 years ago and is now too entrenched in the habit to give it up, content with serial offending in […]

Snapshot 2014: Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Elizabeth Fitzgerald has been a freelance editor since 2004 and is the owner of Earl Grey Editing. She has worked on a wide variety of publications–most notably Winds of Change, an anthology of speculative fiction short stories by CSFG Publishing. From 2010 until 2013, she was a committee member of  the CSFG, serving as Secretary […]

Snapshot 2014: Tom Dullemond

  Tom Dullemond stumbled out of university with a double degree in Medieval/Renaissance studies and Software Engineering. One of these degrees got him a job and he has been writing and working in IT ever since. Tom writes primarily short fiction across all genres, including literary fiction and the occasional poem. He co-authored ‘The Machine […]

Snapshot 2014: Abigail Nathan

Abigail Nathan has been a freelance editor for over ten years, specialising in genre fiction, including speculative fiction; YA; romance and erotica. She edits for various Australian publishing houses, including HarperCollins, Random House, Hachette, Penguin and Harlequin, as well as publishers in the US and UK. She also works regularly with emerging and self-publishing writers, mentoring and helping […]

Snapshot 2014: Rob Hood

Robert Hood’s stories have been appearing for several decades now, since he sold his first in 1975. His view of both life and fiction tends to push him toward what was once called weird tales – stories in the horror, science fiction, fantasy and dark crime genres: fantastical and imaginative fiction strongly tied to reality […]

Snapshot 2014: Liz Grzyb

Liz Grzyb was born in the middle of a thunderstorm in Perth, WA. She is the editor of five original anthologies and co-edits the award-winning Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror series for Ticonderoga Publications. Kisses by Clockwork was launched at Nacton in June 2014. I’m reading it now and loving it. Can you tell […]