What’s going on

Hello hello!

In writing, I’ve finally found a happy place in Verdan’s Marsh. I mean, I’m happy with where the story is at. I’m 18,000 words in and I’ve worked out how the rest of the story will go, I think. It was driving me NUTS for some reason, possibly because all these different characters and plot lines were doing all this different stuff and I had no idea how it would all tie together. This is weird for me, as I usually LOVE writing first draft, but with this one I was longing to get to the editing.

It felt like I had Verdan sitting behind my ear–what’s that little lump called–anyway, it was like she was lodged in there going, come on, write more story! So, the inner nag hushed.

Despite this desire to work on it, I also had a sort of groan-reaction to starting each scene, which was equally weird! I think it was because I changed point of view quite a bit, so it was like a big heave from one head to the other. And some of the characters could still do with more development, but that will come.

One of them is visually based on that blue-eyed guy in The Bold and the Beautiful. Black spiky hair. Was Brooke’s sister’s right-hand-man at one point, then married Jackie? Not that I watch the show. My mum does.

I think Verdan’s Marsh will pan out to be about 30,000 words. I’d like it to be more of a novel, just so I can have another novel done and off to market. But I’m not sure if the story lends itself to that. There is a must-do sequel, so perhaps I could put them together to reach the magic number of 70k plus!

In other news, my novel Black Earth is still in the first cut of the Amazon Breakthrough Award, and the next round of results comes out in a couple of weeks. I suspect some of Black Earth’s themes mightn’t quite fit with the Young Adult aspect of the genre, so I don’t expect it to make the top levels of the comp. But it’s nice to know I wrote a decent pitch and synopsis. I think they’re the two hardest things to write!

Apart from that, I’m working on a couple of short stories and enjoying the Somerset Celebration of Literature. I wrote a little poem for the Prep kids and I’m going to read it for them tomorrow so they can do the actions. Should be fun!

Ooh, it’s raining. Enjoy the rain, everyone!


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