Being NowHere Showcase Event

Yesterday evening, creative collaborators and arts industry representatives came together for a showcase event and roundtable discussion in Southport. The showcase and conversation was to celebrate and discuss Being NowHere, a collaboration program for artists from diverse backgrounds, run by City of Gold Coast.

Here’s a link to the video work pictured below, “Experiencing Space.” This is a combination of my words with art by Shannen Sembrano.

“Experiencing Space,” Digital Art and Poetry Video
It’s cool to watch people read your work!
Jorge Castellano’s Edible Landscapes, viewed by Glennys Briggs
Glennys Briggs and Hengemah Shamlou’s amazing piece of art
Julia’s amazing poetry and paper sculpture
Ashleigh Djokic
“Queer Magic” and “Running Through the Natures”, art and poetry by Shannen and me.

It was an honour to be a part of this group of incredibly talented people and to learn about their art and life experiences.

The exhibition will be on display at the Local Studies Library, Southport, for the next two weeks, until 2 November, 2017.



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