Interview with reviewer Frank Michaels Errington

Frank Errington is a great guy in need of a kidney, and with O-negative blood it’s hard to find a donor. If you don’t have a kidney to give away, please at least help spread his message.


I’ve known Frank Michaels Errington professionally for several years now and there’s no doubt he’s one of the biggest fans of horror fiction. Frank is one of the most prolific readers and reviewers of horror and his review website, Horrible Book Reviews has quite the following. He goes above and beyond for authors and artists to promote their work, for very little reward.

Now Frank needs our help. He needs a kidney. I wanted to help Frank spread his message so I decided to have a bit of a chat to him about his situation and of course, his love of the horror genre. Please read and if you can help, please make contact with Frank via the details below. Frank, I hope you get the help you need mate.

When did you first get hooked on horror fiction and what was the story you first read?

The first horror…

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