Making Art, Exploring Culture. #BeingNOWhere

I’m excited to announce I’m going to be a part of the beingNOWhere Creative Lab! It’s a six week program, run by the City of Gold Coast, which invites us to explore culture and diversity through collaborations with a person “of a different artistic, creative, cultural, or linguistic background.”

Our aim is to produce work which explores culture, with mentorship by Jeremy Neideck. Jeremy is a lauded performance maker and investigator of cultural interweaving, who seeks to model inclusive social realities.

A showcase event is planned for 5th August, so save the date!

My partner in crime will be the amazing artist, Shannen Sembrano. His artwork is amazing.

I hope to bring to the project my wild-idea optimism, writing experience, my less developed art and design skills, my love of nature, the empathy I’ve developed as a carer, and the desire to inspire inclusion and diversity in society.

If you’d like to read more about the project, check it out, here.


File 22-6-17, 11 39 54 am
As part of the collaboration masterclass we were asked to create a work with seven important items we brought with us.




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