Spontaneous Everything Pie

This is so yummy and healthy that I have to share. I made the recipe up yesterday, combining traditional Greek spinach pie with a few other ingredients from a zucchini bake recipe.

Note: If you’re using frozen pastry like filo, follow the thawing instructions… it takes a while to thaw, like a couple of hours or overnight.

Ingredients (my estimates are rough):

A cup of cooked rice

One small chopped silverbeet

A handful of shallots

A spoonful of leek

Half a grated fennel bulb and some  fennel leaves

One grated carrot

One grated zucchini 

A few slices of ham, chopped

A cup of grated cheese

A small block of feta

A squirt of olive oil 

Salt and pepper

Four eggs (put these in last, after you’ve tasted the rest of the mix to make sure the seasoning is right).


Cool the cooked rice, mix all the above ingredients well, then line a baking dish with baking paper, a sprinkle of olive oil and filo (or other pastry).

Fill the pie with the filling then cover with more pastry and pat on some olive oil. Roll the edges of the pastry in, on top of the pie.

Slice the pie diagonally before cooking, to make diamonds and triangles. It took me some practice to get this right.

Bake … I baked it for about 35 mins on 200 degrees celsius. 

Cool and enjoy.


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