This was a massive year! It seemed to fly by and yet so much happened.

Some of the highlights…

I took a lot of selfies, including this one to do with Contact. In writing stuff, I loved attending conventions and having Uncontainable published in Apex Magazine.

But I really tried to focus more on what I can do than how I look…

I hung out with my family, in particular, my kids, a lot and got them scooting and trekking some decent distances! (Even if their main goal is to get to the cafe at the end.)

This is at O’Reilly’s, with a little echidna friend.

This is Box Falls on the Box Falls Circuit.

Where’s Wally is my dad

I did six obstacle course races this year, one with Stacey, one with Lorraine, one with Indy and one with my daughter, Jasmine. I love OCR so much … when I started out I would never have believed I’d develop the strength and fitness I have now.

I got up at 4am one morning, took photos of Hinze Dam and hiked up to Peak’s Pinnacle.

We practised some minimalism at Christmas, which was hard but good.

The kids got a few great presents they loved.

I tried Mah Jong on Christmas day.

I cooked a some mean curries.

I swam in Blue Lake on North Stradbroke Island in both winter and summer.

I’m very lucky and very grateful for the year I’ve had. There’s been plenty of hard hours every week (most days), but I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Moments of beauty and serenity make it all possible.

Thanks, friends, for being a part of my life. I’m lucky to have you.


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