Weirdest green tea experience ever

I ordered green tea with my sushi today. It came in a small black cup.

I smelled the green tea. It smelled like bad breath or calcium decay, or – maybe – the green tea that’s made with rice in it. It tasted a bit like dishwasher water smells. (I haven’t actually tasted dishwasher water.) There were least traces of green tea in it.

I said to Brian, this tea smells like bad breath or calcium decay or maybe old rice, and it tastes like dishwashing water.

He smelled and tasted it, grimaced, and said that I’d described it really well.

I couldn’drink the tea, but took some swigs of Brian’s Coke to cleanse my palate.

The waitress came by at the end of the meal and I thought I’d better tell her. So I said, this tea doesn’t smell or taste very good. 

She said, it’s green tea. I said, I know.
She thought it smelled okay. She asked if she could taste it, and I said, sure. 
She tasted it and grimaced, then assured me it tasted good. She didn’t charge me for it, which was nice.

I guess I won’t order tea again at that sushi place!



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