Conventions, Obstacles and Unicorns 

October has been such a whirlwind, it’s been great this week to have things settle down a bit! The month has been filled with great stuff, from Conflux in Canberra to Raw Numinbah (an obstacle course race) to a fun trip to Melbourne with the man and then daughter’s dance weekend. I celebrated a birthday somewhere in there, too. Thirty nine. Happy to be here. Ooh, and I mainlined Jessica Jones and loved it.

The highlight of Conflux was seeing fabulous people, and speaking on the Labyrinth panel with Thoraiya Dyer, Shauna O’Meara and Cat Sheeley. Thoraiya had made a Firegang Dancer’s head out of paper mâché and I will always be impressed by this! 

I was surprised that others on the panel saw a parallel between Jareth and Edward (of Twilight). But Sara denies Jareth whereas Bella…  jumps in. 

The highlight of Raw was helping daughter do the youth event! Mud one weekend, make-up the next. I’m trying to raise a balanced child.

This week I’ve focused on some writing projects and sent in an interview, photos and a bio for my story coming out in Apex Magazine in December. It’s really happening! They haven’t changed their minds… yet. Recurring writerly doubt is a thing!

One new project I’m working on is a series about unicorns, set partly in another universe, a unicorniverse. Is that corny? (Haha!) (No, really?) It goes like this:

Emma finds an old box in her attic, and clears off the dust to make out the words Rinbau Unicorniverse. When she goes inside she’s zapped into a parallel universe with coloured talking (warring) unicorns, who she helps to become friends. She also helps them take on their ultimate enemy. 

I’m aiming for middle-grade entry level, but hoping for broader appeal. 

So that’s the latest with me! How about you?


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