Aussie SF Snapshot: Tom Dullemond #2016Snapshot


Tom Dullemond stumbled out of university with a double degree in Medieval/Renaissance studies and Software Engineering. One of these degrees got him a job and he has been writing and working in IT ever since. Tom was a co-editor of The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy and has sold short fiction to a handful of anthologies, including Suspended in Dusk. He writes a regular flash fiction column for the CSIRO’s Double Helix science magazine.

 Poly geek, writer, IT nerd, skeptic and reluctant cultist of the Great Old Ones.

Co-Director of and generally opinionated.

Find me on twitter if you want to chat!


Can you tell me about your most recent publication?

My most recent publication was in ‘At The Edge’, a Dan Rabarts and Lee Murray spec-fic anthology. I was exploring future super soldiers and post traumatic stress syndrome in the context of augmentations and the failings of support networks. Since I don’t really have any military background or PTSD I really hope I managed to convey the experience… In this case not only was the story at the edge, I was at the edge of my understanding as a writer. Oh man, I should’ve thought of that when I was answering questions about the anthology!

When you look back on yourself starting out as a proto-writer, are there any tips you would give past-you?

Don’t stop submitting. Don’t take a 10 year break and fill the creativity gap with something else. Definitely don’t stop submitting. Keep reading everything you can get your hands on.

Can you tell me about a piece of work coming up for publication?

I have two stories coming out in the Lane of Unusual Traders projects from Tiny Owl Workshop, one of my favourite small publishers. I really like the collaborative world, and am very proud of both of those pieces.

What Australian work have you loved recently?

I’ve been enjoying Gary Kemble’s ‘Bad Blood’ (kind of supernatural thriller, follow up to ‘Skin deep’).

Which author (living or dead) would you most like to sit next to on a long plane trip and why?

Peter Watts, the living Hard SF writer/scientist because … I can’t even explain. I’m in awe of how his brain takes scientific discoveries and turns them into stories. His novel Blindsight is great if you are fascinated with how terrible our brains are at faking consciousness. His short story ‘The Things’ (google it, it’s free online) is one of my favourite ever retcons (Of the movie ‘The Thing’, in case you were wondering).

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