True Grit Mount Tamborine 2016

True Grit was so much fun. I did it with my writing friend, Stacey Larner. It was our first obstacle course together and we did so well. 

Some of the stuff we did, I can’t really believe we actually did… Like I never thought I would climb a fast rope to ring a bell, but all the training paid off and I actually did it. It was maybe four or five metres up? Stacey did too. We used different techniques. I’m a fan of the Navy SEAL technique. I’d trained on nylon rope, but I found the natural fibre rope heaps easier to climb.

My other happy moment was getting up and over the incline wall by myself. It took me two goes. An incline wall is a slanted board, and you go up the high end first, then coming down is easy. I did it by hooking a foot over, then a bit more, and my arm strength suprised me in that I could actually pull myself over. 

We did everything except Portable Rig, where you swing from ring to ring. I didn’t even try those because I didn’t want to fall the wrong way onto the mats and hurt my ankle.

Another group helped us over the Great Walls, which was great, because they’re the only obstacle that scares me because I fell off them last year. 

The monkey bars I did with my legs up, not just my arms. Spider technique, I call it. Stacey did *almost* all of the monkey bars, monkey style. 

I was really impressed by a woman doing it with an Achilles injury. That’s commitment!

On the down side there was some casually sexist talk, which sucked. I don’t need to hear guys calling each other vaginas or making jokes about the volunteer’s melons. I don’t want to feel self conscious about having those. I want to be Gritter like any other. I want it to be a positive space where sex organs aren’t mentioned. 

Why do I always get dirtiest?

Apart from that, everything was great. Even the portaloos were clean, which is unheard of!

Other obstacle highlights were Traverse Ropes, the Big Dipper, Inversion (a set of backward-leaning bars), the Ramp, the dam, the river, the rope climbs. I hate carrying stuff the most… water, amo, sandbags.

The company, the weather, the course, the purple wrist bands and the coffee were all awesome.

I love True Grit so much! This was my seventh OCR event and both True Grits are my faves. I’ve loved Night Attack and Tough Mudders, too, but True Grit is perfect for me. I love the water, Mount Tamborine and the obstacles.



3 thoughts on “True Grit Mount Tamborine 2016

  1. Congratulations! You and Stacey are a pair of badasses and I love that first photo of you together. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. How wonderful to hear about the sense of community at the event.

    I’m guessing you would like to do more of these sort of events?

    1. Lol, badasses! Thank you! We did love it and yes, we have more events on the horizon. My aches and pains are diminishing. Could you see yourself doing something like True Grit, Elizabeth?

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