Tough Mudder 2016 SEQ Report. #toughmudder

I was a bit unsure going into this Tough Mudder event, but it has shot to the top of my fave OCRs list, even though I did it alone. I missed my previous team mates though! I’m giving it five stars.

Before. What a gorgeous sunrise, and I saw hot air balloon launching and mist on the fields…

What was so good? It was well organised, well run, and I felt safe at all times. Sometimes the waiver spooks me, but everyone there was doing everything they could to keep participants and spectators safe.

When I had a problem with registration it was sorted out quickly and easily. 

When I started I was feeling okay, but the further I went into the event the more I enjoyed it.

The best thing was that the volunteers and other Mudders were helpful and friendly. I had no idea who the people were who gave me a hand or a leg up. They were simply the people in front of me and behind me, and we all helped each other and got to know each other a little, while chest-deep in mud. It was like a weird spa party at points, as the woman in front of me asked if we were all thinking about the mud that might be going in our holes… Um. Lol.

It’s pretty cool when a stranger gives you a leg up, if you need it, and then you pull him up, if he needs it. People weren’t overly helpful, either, which was good. I only got help when I needed it. This is good because it lets me build my strength and skills. I feel pretty proud when I accomplish something on my own. 

My route as recorded by my watch. (Mothers Day present:)

I had a couple of stacks while running and might have a sore ankle tomorrow, but it was nothing I couldn’t run on. All the injuries I saw were from running…they looked like sprained ankles. There were a lot of cramps out there! I had some, too.

My time and distance. I paused my watch while I stopped to help people up Everest 2.

I had two fabulous stacks down Everist 2, (the big concave ramp) until I made it up. Then I helped a bunch of people get up by grabbing on after stronger people caught them, or grabbing their foot and pulling them up. An extra bit of strength really helps haul a body up! I saved two guys from falling back down the ramp as they overbalanced trying to catch other people. Like, I grabbed them and pulled them back up. Yay. 🙂 

Some of the obstacles were awesome! My favourite was Blockness Monster, these massive turning blocks that you hold onto and ride over, then you turn at the top and splash down into water, onto your feet. Look it up on Youtube, if you’re keen.

Most obstacles were achievable for me, both vertically and gravitationally challenged. 

King of Swingers was easier to reach this year, I think. I held on and swung (better than last year) but didn’t get the bell. Next year… 

The only two I skipped were the monkey bars and the person carry. I didn’t have anyone to carry, which was fine, and I need to improve my strength-to-weight ratio to manage monkey bars. Everything else I completed. 

Cage Crawl I was a bit scared of because you float on your back under a cage, but it was so peaceful pulling myself along, ears under water, I really loved it!

I took food with me on the course this time…a paleo bar and chocolate. I also dosed up on coconut water before and downed a Powerade afterwards. I was trying to avoid the crash I sometimes have afterwards. The downside was one interesting burp. 

I think the chocolate helped to power me through. I walked about half the course, I think, but I ran parts all the way through, even at the end.

It was great to see older people, a blind person, (yep) and people of all types and abilities tackling the course.

A big yay for this event. Big thanks to the family for giving me the day off. Best Mothers Day present ever.



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