No and Yes

I was touched this morning to receive a handwritten rejection from Marcus at Gollancz. This is really encouraging feedback! And good timing too, as I might have the chance to pitch Spliced at Contact. Spliced still needs a little work but some parts of the puzzle are right!

Of course rejections make me a bit sad but this one is tempered by an acceptance from Apex Magazine! They accepted “Uncontainable” for publication. It’s a story inspired by Autism and creepy long coats. 

This is my first international professional sale and doesn’t quite seem real yet. Big thanks to Rohan who occasionally says amazing things, and my friends who critiqued the story and bounced ideas around.


It’s only a little over a week until Contact, the national SF con in Brisbane.  If you’re local grab a membership and come check it out! Memberships start at $60.

I can’t wait to see most of the awesome writers, critique buddies and editors I work with. Looking forward to meeting some online friends in real life for the first time, too. Yay!


6 thoughts on “No and Yes

  1. Congrats on the acceptance and commiserations on Gollancz, though it’s an encouraging note. I subbed to Gollancz too but my MS got there far too early so I don’t know if it’s actually in the running or not. Good luck pitching yours at Contact.

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