Infini — Space Horror Film

I saw Infini last night, a new Australian space horror film, at the Gold Coast Film Festival. There was red carpet with actors posing for photos… Pretty exciting!


I really enjoyed this film. The main character, Whit Carmichael, ends up on an old space outpost where bad shit has gone down in the past and is going to again.

The film stands comfortably in the space horror and bio-contagion horror subgenres, reminding me of Event Horizon, Helix, Alien, but with significant themes of family and redemption.

Director, Shane Abbess, said the film was his rebellion against what he’d worked on in Hollywood. His wife and co producer Sidonie Abbene wanted the film to have an international feel, which I think it achieves.

It also voices Aussie wisdom with repeated statements of, “Don’t touch anything,” which seemed like a blatant tongue poke at Prometheus.

Like most films, it needed more women in it. Let’s get those cast ratios up to 50%! 

I’ve heard a rumour that it opens at cinemas in May, but I can’t find a source to back that up. I hope it does.


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