Back Home and Swancon Highlights

I finally got a full night of sleep, partly due to being home in my dark quiet room, and in my home time-zone, and away from all the convention excitement. I haven’t taken off my Swancon T-shirt yet! It’s so comfy and I still feel a bit wrapped in Swancon this way. But it will probably need a wash soon. 🙂


Compared to being at home doing the daily grind of school lunches and school runs, four days of conversation, learning and fun (and moderate consumption of alcohol) have left me feeling a lot sharper and excited about life.

Though I did have conbrain yesterday, but I blame Virgin for continually giving out wine. They also provided mostly/totally vegan food options without being asked. I’m guessing they do this to keep costs down and also to please vegetarians and vegans, but it is so wonderful to find food you are happy to eat when you’re very high up in the air! I stayed mostly vegan over the con. Took along my little blender and my seed, nut and rice powders, which made it easier.

Coolangatta Welcome Arachnid — Welcome to the Web Hotel! Bugs stay for free! In silky sleeping bags. Breakfast included.

On the plane I planned a story, watched the end of Interstellar :,) and the beginning of Young Ones (desert farming future with robots). It looked good. I loved Interstellar. 

If I had to pick highlights of the con, they would be interviewing Kylie Chan, meeting new friends and immersing in WA fan culture, attending John Scalzi’s Kaffeeklatsche, getting to know people better, and winning an award.

The interview with Kylie was my first in front of an audience and I was really nervous before it, but not at all once we got started. So grateful to Swancon and Kylie for giving me that opportunity! Btw, if you are into Chinese mythology or urban fantasy with cool fighting women, romance and a big cast of rich characters, check out her novels. She recommends starting at the first, White Tiger. She’s working on the ninth book of the series now, so it’s a story you can really sink your teeth into.  

With Kylie Chan

And whoa, the next Natcon is ours, Queensland! The very first Contact! Geeze, it’s a bit early to be getting excited about it but I want to start counting down the days, lol.

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