Farewell Swancon

Up well before dawn again and just as well. My stuff plus books didn’t want to fit in my suitcase! I wonder if when I get home my body will finally switch to Western Australia time? How convenient…

Little friends (made in the family stream) say bye-bye!

It’s *so* sad to leave a con and head back out to normal life. I’m looking forward to seeing my family, of course, but I miss the warm buzz of fun and friendship.

Wearing the awesome Swancon T-shirt someone threw at me. Perfect fit!

The closing ceremony consisted of gaming awards, short speeches by the guests of honour, Anthony Peacey, Kylie Chan and I’m not sure if John Scalzi got to say anything or was just tortured with Tim Tams.

Anthony Peacey convened the first Swancon
Kylie Chan expressed her enjoyment of the con
PRK and John Scalzi trying hide in his gift bag to avoid the Tim Tam slam.
Sarah Lee Parker was my main contact for the con and she was wonderful.

Belinda Morris and I watched the closing ceremony together. Belinda is a wonderful illustrator. Check out her work on Etsy.

Selfie with Belinda.

In the last hours of the con I watched a bit of Ludicrous Cogs, by Raez. It comes in a normal board game size too!

Ludicrous Cogz by Raez. Looks fun!

Contact Convenor Aimee Lindorf and I attended the Natcon meeting for a progress report on Contact 2016, the next Natcon. She reported that our website was up and memberships are on sale, and that Jill Pantozzi from The Mary Sue and Keri Arthur are two  of our guests.

Aimee at work.

Aimee and I enjoyed discussions about Natcons with past committee members and we are enormously excited to be doing Contact in Brisbane next year!

Thanks for everything Swancon. It was wonderful to hang out with your community for four days. Can’t wait to do it again!

Ooh, and lastly. Thank you for all the congratulations I’ve received over the past two days. I feel very loved. 😀

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