Ditmar Best New Talent Happy

Would you believe I’m inebriated with…happiness? I’m so incredibly grateful to have been given the Ditmar Award for Best New Talent in Australian speculative fiction. That gratitude is especially for my friends, editors and publishers of my stories, and readers and reviewers who’ve tried my work.

My thanks extend to everyone who’s shared my writing journey and provided encouragement and critique, and offered the opportunities new writers need.

ditmar photo
Aimee Lindorf’s lovely photo.

Australian speculative fiction is made up of such a generous, hardworking, welcoming, talented bunch of people. They inspire me!

I was a bit down on my writing when I came to the con. I’ve had plenty of story rejections this year, and zero acceptances. This award is a warm hug from the community. 🙂

It was wonderful to see Donna Maree Hanson receive the A. Bertram Chandler Award. I love Donna’s writing. Her kindness and community spirit inspired me from the moment she sent me a zombie jelly mould, possibly in 2011. She included the little book…an overview of members of the community, which was so helpful to me at the time, just starting to get to know people. (Sorry, I can’t recall the exact title.)

Go Donna!

Congratulations to all the award winners, and nominees. Massive thanks to Samara and everyone who organised the awards.

Sunday at Swancon

I volunteered in the family room for a little bit and had fun doing craft and chatting to the kids and Kitty. The family stream here is wonderful.

I hung out with the little people in the family stream and made some stuff.

I attended John Scalzi’s kaffeeklatsch. It was lovely to hear him talk about writing, Australian biscuits and seeing the bright side of things that happen in life.

Transhumanism panel

This was the transhumanism panel with Dave Cake, Doug Burbidge, Keith Stevenson, Robert Hood and Zara Baxter. I think transhumanism is about what humans are becoming and how we get there. One message coming through was that change is a constant, whether by evolution or directed.

Sideview of the Science in Science Fiction panel

I was on a panel about science in science fiction. We talked about work that got it right and wrong, and what we’re willing to forgive. I’ll forgive nonsense if it looks cool. For example, all the needles in the neck in Insurgent and the black hole in Interstellar. Not everyone is as forgiving as me!

John Scalzi and Amanda Bridgeman

Had a drink with Ben and Leonie…

Cocktails with Ben Payne and Leonie Rogers.

Last day of the con today…


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