Saturday at Swancon

Wow, thanks for the pretty sunrise, Perth! I hate to sound ungrateful, but I’d love to get more than three hours of sleep one night soon. Not sure what is with the insomnia. *shrug*

Maybe it’s because I had so much fun yesterday and my head is still buzzing with wonderful conversations about stories, anthologies, books, ghosts, jumping out of planes, organising conventions…

I attended John Scalzi’s guest of honour speech. His wife sounds wonderful.

It was great listening to Robin Pen, Alisa Krasnostein and Tehani Wessely talk about publishing. Australian small press rocks!

Aimee and I started to promote Natcon next year in Brisbane! Our cheapest rates are available this weekend!

I really enjoyed Sophie Ambrose’s short session on Hanako games and I will try out their games!

See, I looked them up straight away!

I loved the short story panel with Anthony Panegyres, Juliet Marillier, Stephanie Gunn, Stephen Dedman and Louisa Loder. What a fountain of knowledge! They seemed to say there is no formula to writing a great short story: learn the rules of writing and break them. They said a great short story creates resonance, has a strong beginning and end, has no wasted words but can meander.

I joined the discussion on a panel about crit groups with Carol Ryles, Anthony Panegyres and Keith Stevenson. It was interesting to hear our different approaches and experiences of crit groups, and to hear the audience share their thoughts and questions, too. My thoughts on crit groups are that they are wonderful for learning and support, that the type of critique depends on the where the writer and story are at in their journeys, and that critique groups are a great way to learn but aren’t a complete learning solution. I love my two current crit groups, the Magic Puppies and Gold Coast Novel Writers!

And… ta da!

I picked up my pin for being a Ditmar nominee. Thank you for this, Swancon. I feel super proud to have one of these. 🙂


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