Infini — Space Horror Film

I saw Infini last night, a new Australian space horror film, at the Gold Coast Film Festival. There was red carpet with actors posing for photos… Pretty exciting!    I really enjoyed this film. The main character, Whit Carmichael, ends up on an old space outpost where bad shit has gone down in the past […]

Back Home and Swancon Highlights

I finally got a full night of sleep, partly due to being home in my dark quiet room, and in my home time-zone, and away from all the convention excitement. I haven’t taken off my Swancon T-shirt yet! It’s so comfy and I still feel a bit wrapped in Swancon this way. But it will […]

Farewell Swancon

Up well before dawn again and just as well. My stuff plus books didn’t want to fit in my suitcase! I wonder if when I get home my body will finally switch to Western Australia time? How convenient… It’s *so* sad to leave a con and head back out to normal life. I’m looking forward […]

Ditmar Best New Talent Happy

Would you believe I’m inebriated with…happiness? I’m so incredibly grateful to have been given the Ditmar Award for Best New Talent in Australian speculative fiction. That gratitude is especially for my friends, editors and publishers of my stories, and readers and reviewers who’ve tried my work. My thanks extend to everyone who’s shared my writing journey and […]

Saturday at Swancon

Wow, thanks for the pretty sunrise, Perth! I hate to sound ungrateful, but I’d love to get more than three hours of sleep one night soon. Not sure what is with the insomnia. *shrug* Maybe it’s because I had so much fun yesterday and my head is still buzzing with wonderful conversations about stories, anthologies, […]

At Swancon 2015

Morning Lovelies! I’m having a great time at Swancon. Sleep isn’t really working that well, but who needs sleep when you can blog? The positive reaction about Natcon 2016 being in Brisbane is great! We’ve got a shiny new website and are running a special con promo this weekend, so check out our website and rates here. The […]