Swancon and Lots of Other Stuff

Swancon is only two weeks away, and I am going to it. Yay!

I get to interview Kylie Chan! And I’m on a couple of panels, one about critique and another about the portrayal of science in science fiction. I’m also doing General Crafting for the family stream and having a kaffeeklatsch. If no-one comes I’ll enjoy my coffee and talk to myself. I’ve been on dates like that before!

The start of the year is going pretty well for me. Rohan has settled into school really well, which is something I hadn’t dared hope for. Our fence was demolished and rebuilt this week without incident. I’m working on my novella “Neve” and taking chapters of that to the critique group each month, which is going well. I went to a workshop with Trent Jamieson last week, to help me develop my weird! It was great.

I’ve been mostly vegan for about two months, and I’m sort of loving it but starting to struggle a bit so I might return to the dark side soon. I do still feel sorry for suffering animals. If I eat meat and eggs again, I’ll eat less. And probably still stay away from dairy. Not sure.

Tonight I’m going to see Insurgent, which I’m excited about because I really liked Divergent. I just watched it again this week as a reminder of what went down, and I have the books on my TBR pile.

A series I’ve loved this year was The 100, about 100 teenagers returning to Earth from a space station. I also read the book but didn’t like it half as much as the series.

I’ve been having lots of interesting conversations about Jupiter Ascending with friends. I loved it. It was so action packed. It had skates, a main character I could identify with, and there were so many science fiction staples and references and no sexism, no threat of rape. Unlike Game of Thrones season four which I’ve stopped watching because it’s too rapey. If someone wants to try to explain why it has to be so rapey, I’ll listen. But if you say it’s because that shit went down in medieval times…no. It’s an alternate reality. They have toilets and dragons. If they have toilets and dragons, they could *not* have sexual assault.

Regarding Jupiter Ascending, I loved the deeper message that time is all that matters and we buy time by consuming other people’s lives. In terms of rich countries consuming products made by poor countries, at the detriment of their environment, which destroys the lives of the people who live there, I think that’s a good metaphor.

I also liked the idea that if we take ownership/stewardship of the Earth we can save it from destruction. I didn’t mind Jupiter getting rescued by Caine; firstly because she’d been drawn into such a high-tech world, and also because she didn’t have to sacrifice her freedom or self worth. Caine didn’t own her as a result. He empowered her, he gave her skates! I like skates. I want flying skates! And a boyfriend with lovely black wings! Is that too much to ask? Geeze. Reality.

My other exciting news is that I was nominated for a Ditmar Award for Best New Talent along with Shauna O’Meara and Michelle Goldsmith. It was a huge surprise, so, big thanks to you! Galactic Chat and the Aussie Snapshot have also been nominated.

And last of all, our Brisbane Contact committee is meeting regularly to plan and organise Natcon in 2016, at Easter. Save the date for four days of speculative fiction fun in Brisbane!


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