Mowing at 6.40AM is a Good Thing

I didn’t think so, either.

This morning, oh dread, my mower-man started mowing at 6.40am. I thought, there goes my writing time! But no… Rohan slept through the mowing and brush cutting — sounds which he hates. So I got to write a thousand words on a collaboration, and a couple of poems. And Rohan got to avoid all the anguish of whining grinding machinery. And I didn’t have to try to comfort his ‘scared ears’. That’s what he says… “It’s scaring your ears.” (He doesn’t use ‘I’ and ‘you’ properly, yet.)

January has been awash with words, thanks to Magic Puppy challenges of journalling and poeming. I also set the goal of getting through my ‘Neve’ novella second draft within about six weeks (as part of a Magic Puppy challenge), and I’ve made some progress. I wanted to add 20,000 words, which might not work. But I am a lean writer in my first drafts, so it might happen.

And I stalled that to work up Sequestration of Chaos to submit to SF&F, which is done. It’s not as polished as I’d like (what, ever, is?) but I thought there was a deadline! And CC Finlay gives very helpful feedback, dear man.

Tomorrow I’m joining a Gold Coast Novel Writers’ meeting, as critique leader sort of person, with Russell Cornhill! I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve done some homework about genre (which we’ll be talking about) and realised there’s quite a bit I don’t know. I’m so comfortable in my speculative fiction work that I don’t tend to think about what’s going on outside it. I might post up my notes after the session tomorrow.

Everyone is welcome at this group at Robina Library from 9.30-12.30, tomorrow the 17th of January.

Good writing!


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