Quindrebel and Real Life

My flash fiction piece “Quindrebel” was released in the Winter edition of Mirror Dance, yesterday. Mirror Dance is a beautiful free online publication run by award winning writer, Megan Arkenberg. “Quindrebel” is a bit Cinderella-ish, about the feeling of being trapped and needing to escape, and about taking risks and helping each other.

I’ve also done some serious re-writing on a story which might be included in a future publication. It has been wonderful to work with the editor on that story. Even if I can’t get it quite right for inclusion in that anthology, the story is so much better for the editor’s input that I’m sure I’m more likely to find a home for it! That story is really quite weird, too, but in a different way to “Quindrebel”. It’s great to find publications open to taking risks with strange work.

And I’m making slow progress on my longer WIP. The working title is “Neve”. It’s about a strangely shaped baby who is born into a mountain village in which the weak or weird are not tolerated. The baby is condemned to death by the ruler, but the Dark Sisters secretly raise her and reintegrate her to the village… I won’t tell you the whole story! Though I do know how it ends, for a change.

On the real life side of things I’ve spent a lot of time at school concerts watching the daughter perform, and meetings and appointments for the son. She loves dancing and he is getting ready to start school next year which is a major event because he has special needs. His transition into school is looking good though. Fingers crossed!

No wonder I needed a party on Friday night! Jodi, Ben, Alex, Clwedd and I rocked it out on the dance floor at the Books and Writing Christmas Luau at the Powerhouse. It was heaps of fun! But we missed Stacey.


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