Natcon Is Coming

Continuum is next weekend! I’m looking forward to my trip to Melbourne and escaping from domestic servitude in the human zoo in which I live.

I can’t wait to see people, art, coffee, alleys, panels, audiences, costumes. I’m on some panels with some esteemed authors… panels about Social Media (Sat 6pm), Horror, Gothic and the Wild Wild Weird (Mon 4pm), and Gender Stereotypes (Mon 3pm).

I’m also doing a reading (Sat 4pm) at which I’ll read a little of “Blood on the Ice,” which is coming out in July. It’s a little overwhelming to be doing so much, and of course I’m having my what-do-I-know crisis. In preparation for my reading on Saturday, I reviewed “Sayuri’s Revenge” yesterday and was relieved to see that my writing actually is okay sometimes. Phew! It inspired me, in part, to write another story. (Along with the encouragement of friends that it was a good idea.)

Another thing that might happen at Natcon is a Galactic Chat episode with all the interviewers together. I’m loving being a part of Galactic Chat. Last week I recorded an interview with Rebecca Fraser, who is also going to Natcon. It will be great to see her, too! And to share an apartment with the Furies. There will be wake-up selfies. They just don’t know that yet.




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