Subtropical Suspense Cover and Launch Date 19th July

This has been an exciting weekend! I audio interviewed science fiction great Ken MacLeod for Galactic Chat. You can listen to it here.

In other news Black Beacon Books revealed the cover for Subtropical Suspense and announced the launch date to be the 19th July 2014 in Brisbane, at Black Cat Books in Paddington.

Check out the cover! This is a good look for Brisbane and, I have to admit, I’m kind of pretending that the bloody river is frozen into a big ice skating rink, because I’m obsessed* with skating and my story “Blood on the Ice” is about ice skating.Sub Sus Full Cover - draft 7

I wrote “Blood on the Ice” especially for Subtropical Suspense, and I’d describe it as a Young Adult Lesbian Romance Thriller. My good friend Andrea Burnell alpha read it for me and provided great advice, because she’s a YA expert!

My other good friend, Ben Payne, believes this will be the first of my extensive ice skating genre. It’s true, I do have at least two more ice skating ideas to play around with, and it doesn’t take long for two to become two hundred.

“Blood on the Ice” is set at Acacia Ridge Iceworld where I’ve never actually skated. I live on the Gold Coast, so I skate at Iceland in Bundall. When I was working on the story I happened to go to a party in Moorooka, so I made a detour to call in and case it out. I was dressed for a black tie event, in lace and fake pearls, and felt pretty conspicuous peering around and taking photos like a literary terrorist. But I did feel rather special being there to research a story.

I took some liberties with the topography in my story, moving some houses closer than they are in reality and quietening Beaudesert Road a little, however the layout of the car parks and other details are accurate. So if you are in that car park, you might want to keep a watch over your shoulder, just in case you’re next…

It’s been great to work with Black Beacon Books on Subtropical Suspense. Cameron Trost is a lovely person and editor. If you’re in Brisbane on 19th July, come along to the launch and say hi. You can find details and RSVP on here on Facebook. And please help us spread the word about Subtropical Suspense to anyone who loves Brisbane-based fiction or suspenseful stories.



*Some say ‘obsession’, others say ‘interest’ or ‘hobby’. I’ve come to realise that obsessions are what I have instead of religion, spirituality or belief in anything. Writing continues to be my No. 1 obsession.



4 thoughts on “Subtropical Suspense Cover and Launch Date 19th July

  1. Hi Helen
    How exciting another local
    story in the publishing ! Keep up the good work would be interested to read it !
    Cheers Pam 🙂

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