I’ve been doing a lot of writing and submitting short stories in the last two weeks, and that feels wonderful. The downside will be all the rejections that turn up in the next few weeks and month. Nah…not really. Every rejection is a mark of honour. Pain to fuel the creative fire. And I’m pretty used to them. Rejection used to feel like a stab through the heart, then diminished to a cat’s scratch, then a paper-cut or mosquito bite. The trick is, I have to be getting plenty of rejections so that I don’t feel them. They become the mere brush of a moth’s wing. The occasional acceptance makes it all worthwhile!

So, yes, I’ve been writing! That makes me a writer.

My writing had been limited because I was spending all my spare time and creative energy on co-editing the Gold Coast Anthology project. My involvement in that came to a sudden end with my resignation.

Co-editing the anthology was mostly awesome. The highlights were working closely with Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Tara Calaby, S.G. Larner, S. Elliot Brandis, Betsy Roberts, Tom Betts, Thoraiya Dyer, Jane Downing, Dianne Morris, and Jodi Cleghorn. These are lovely, committed, talented people. I hope I have the chance to work all of them again.

The other activity I’ve been devoting time to is ice skating. I am hooked. If you follow my Twitter feed you have probably met my purple-laced ice hockey skates. I haven’t named them yet. What should I call them? I’m really glad I found out about ice hockey skates instead of buying figure skates like most girls and women do. Ice hockey skates feel more like sports car style skates to me; they are shorter and don’t have picks so they are more manoeuvrable. I’m trying to convince Jasmine to try ice hockey skates before I get her a pair, but she’s not keen.

Skating is so much fun that I feel a little guilty skiving off there. But it’s exercise, which is totally justifiable, and it’s way better than going to the gym.

After a couple of months at it I’m feeling pretty confident. As well as going around the rink lots and lots of times, I can do a snow plough stop, turn, and skate backwards. And now my writing is skating infused because there’s so much to be inspired by! The cold white ice, the threat of injury; nimble skilful skaters, clumsy fall-about skaters; teenagers snogging in the corner, or crying in the corner. So much life going on, on and around the ice!


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