Galactic Chat, Gold Coast Anthology and Diversity

Hello dear reader,

I’m super excited (yes, even more excited than usual) to have joined the Galactic Chat team and to have made it real by interviewing my first guest, Talitha Kalago.

Talitha is a member of Vision Writers and a regular attendee at the Vision critique group in Brisbane, and she has just released Lifesphere Inc. It’s a fast-paced novel aimed at ten to fourteen year olds. You grown-ups would love it, too. It’s available for free from Smashwords, Amazon and other ebook distributors.

It is a bit scary doing interviews and listening to them afterwards. That whole, “Ah, it’s my voice!” thing. But I figure it’s like writing. You write it, edit the fuck out of it (which you can’t really do with a recorded interview…), and release it into the universe for people to love it or hate it or be entirely indifferent to it.

And there are plenty of writers I’d love to talk to about their books, so why not do it on record and share it with the world. So, yay!


In other news the Gold Coast Anthology webpage is looking hot thanks to Janis Hanley. Please help spread the word that we’re open for submissions until 31st of August, and if you have any connection to the Gold Coast (did you honeymoon here!?) you are welcome to submit a story. Just check out the photos at and get inspired.

I’ve probably already shouted from the rooftops about how happy I am to be a part of a project that can pay authors a fair fee for their stories.


Finally, I was thinking about Twitter, today. About how easy it is to isolate your feed. I noticed, when Gillard was getting deposed, almost all of those I follow were pro-Gillard. Yet talking to general acquaintances I hear different views.

I guess it’s no surprise that we follow those who think similarly to us. And then maybe we think more similarly to those we follow, because we’re reinforcing each other’s opinions, creating a sort of group think and false belief that we are right, and that most others we know think the same way.

I think it’s really important that we follow those with different views as well. I’ve tried to do that — I have an follow-anyone policy except for purely marketing accounts. I want to give people a go, especially if they are different.

But I prune my feed. There are only so many comments that infer sex workers are inferior that I can take, per tweep.

But, generally, I think it’s better to engage with difference than ignore it. It gives me the chance to test my ideas, and to persuade others to my way of thinking. I don’t want us all to fester in pools of similarity, all being right about everything.


Have a great weekend. Drink beer and be silly. Go dancing if you can.



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