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Good Afternoon, dear friends.

Fancy this, writing a blog on a Saturday afternoon. It’s 3.21pm and getting dark outside. I hope it’s not the apocalypse because I’m very excited about embarking on this anthology creating adventure with Prana Writers and Elizabeth Fitzgerald.

I’m fairly sure it’s not the apocalypse.

Thanks to Janis Hanley’s fantastic ideas and hard work, and everyone else who helped along the way, Prana Writers have received an RADF grant to produce an anthology of stories based on a set of photos from the public collection.

We have chosen about 100 photos. Some have been approved, but we’re awaiting approval of the bulk of them.Then we’ll put them up on the website, with the submission guidelines, and open for submissions.

There are many exciting aspects to this project. I love that we are giving writers another opportunity for publication, with a good payment. I’m also keen to select stories and work with writers and my co-editor and publisher, eMergent Publishing, to create a beautiful book.

The part I’m dreading is sending out rejections.

We expect to include twenty stories in the anthology, about half of which will be written by Prana Writers. The other spots are open to writers who have a connection to the Gold Coast. I can’t wait to read your stories!

In other news Next is now available as an e-book on Smashwords. Click here if you’d like to see or buy it. The price was $4.99 when I looked.

Thanks for reading.



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