Goodbye, Peleguin

A cat is someone you find at Toowong pet shop, with bright blue eyes and messy fur and an arched-backed, high-tailed, bite-other-kittens-on-the-butt type attitude. You pay $25 for him and take him home in a shoebox. You call him Peleguin, because it’s the first half of pelican and the second half of penguin and that’s […]

Exploring Editing

Good Afternoon, dear friends. Fancy this, writing a blog on a Saturday afternoon. It’s 3.21pm and getting dark outside. I hope it’s not the apocalypse because I’m very excited about embarking on this anthology creating adventure with Prana Writers and Elizabeth Fitzgerald. I’m fairly sure it’s not the apocalypse. Thanks to Janis Hanley’s fantastic ideas […]

Annihilating Sexism One Conversation At A Time

Ah, sexism, you rear your ugly head. It ruins my day. It really does. I’ve got enough disability discrimination ruining my days, already. I’d love to close my eyes and cover my ears and go la-la-la and surround myself in an egalitarian bubble of intelligent nice people, but then the nasty monsters might expand to […]