Magic Possibilty Putty

This week I’ve been letting two stories settle. You know, that period of a week or so where you don’t look at it so when you do look at it again it surprises you with its brilliance and/or holes, errors…etc. I’ve also asked a friend to look over one, and I’m looking forward to hearing what he thinks. I find other people always come up with things I’ve missed, or great suggestions for enhancements. I want to swap the Bell Club one, too. That’s not due for a while yet.

I’ve also been researching quantum physics, which has been fun. I want to write a story involving those other dimensions. I’m not sure if I can pull it off, because I need to find where the science can end and my imagination start. Bummed that I couldn’t find my New Scientist issue that had an article about dimensions and quantum stuff. Will see what I can find on the NS website.

I’m toying with a few different plot ideas… 😀  I like that part of writing; holding that magic putty of possibility in your hand, before it collapses into a known state.

As for reading, I’m still in the middle of The Princess Bride. There’s no rush with that as I’ve seen it a million times. I think I’ve read most or all of Winds of Change (it’s a bit hard to tell, as I’ve read the stories out of order), and I’ve loved it. I don’t think I’m biased because my story is in there. I feel humbled because the other stories are so great. I love the combo of sci-fi, fantasy and horror, and the openness of the theme; the diversity of the work. I’ve leant/sold a few copies to friends. I hope they like it, too.

I’m also reading Tracey O’hara’s ‘Death’s Sweet Embrace’ and Kim Westwood’s ‘The Couriers New Bicycle,’ a couple of my Conflux finds.

Speaking of Conflux, here are my belated highlights. Seeing friends from Vision and Aussiecon, and meeting tweeps I’ve been following for ages. Also, listening to Tracey O’hara, Erica Hayes and Jane Virgo read from their erotic stories–these ladies create razor-wires of tension! Also, hearing Kim Westwood speak with such emotion about her novel; attending Dawn Meredith’s and Gillian Polack’s launches, and of course the Winds of Change launch at which I read with Caroline jumping up from the audience to read the role of the midwife. [Pause for breath]… Being on a panel with writers way out of my league was really cool too, thanks to all of them and especially Cat Sparks the moderator for being gentle with me:) The Graf Zeppelin dinner was fantastic, too. Fruit and sherbet as an entrée, whooda thunk it?

I’d like to bottle the positive energy at sci-fi conventions and sprinkle it over the grumbling world at large.

Over and out.



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