Caroline, Canberra & Conflux

Am all packed for Conflux! I’ll get into Canberra late tomorrow night and my lovely friend Caroline (who is engaged to be married to Jason) is picking me up so I can stay with her for two nights, before the convention begins.

It’s taking much effort to keep a rash of exclamation marks out of this post.

I’ve signed up for workshops with Nicole Murphy, Jack Dann and Gillian Pollack, though I was tempted by the staff-fighting one. Have done a bit of Shorinji Kempo staff fighting in my time, but thought a broken nose might be a bad look for the BOOK LAUNCH. Did she say ‘book launch’? Oh yes she did. The launch of Winds of Change is on Friday night. See, no exclamation mark. So cool.

Here is the trailer.

Just feel a tiny bit scared of reading. But I like doing readings. And a bit scared of being on a short story writing panel with great writers Kaaren Warren and Jack Dann. And hoping someone (anyone?) comes to my kaffeeklatch on Sunday morning.

In writing, I’ve just finished and submitted a story for Apocalypse Hope. I really enjoyed writing it. It’s about a she-robot named Krintarian who is responsible for arranging the production of new humans, after the death of the human race. I really like Krintarian. The story, Enlightenment, is also about how A.I. grows up, after the takeover. It’s possibly a bit too preachy, but it’s good that I like it as a story. I find that often I don’t like my stories. Mostly I feel that I should have done better … but this one makes me happy.

See ya,



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