Winds of Change and Raising Money for Sick Kids

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This is a really long blog, so if you just want to read about the fundraiser, skip down down down.

I’m stoked to be able to share the press release for the new Anthology Winds of Change! Here ’tis, below.

CSFG Publishing is proud to announce the contents of its ninth anthology, Winds of Change, a flurry of fresh fantasy, science fiction and horror, to be launched at Conflux on Friday, 30 September 2011 in Canberra.

From the first roiling dust clouds, Winds of Change draws the reader in with tales of darkness and horror, of wonder and hope. Twenty four authors demonstrate the vitality and diversity of the current Australian speculative fiction scene. Editor Elizabeth Fitzgerald has put together a thought-provoking anthology that you’ll want to read in a single sitting, but which will also reward a second, more leisurely visit.

Winds of Change includes stories by popular speculative fiction authors Nicole Murphy (Dream of Asarlai series), Alan Baxter (Realmshift, MageSign) and Queensland author Helen Stubbs, as well as showcasing a range of new Australian talent. The table of contents is attached.

Based in Canberra, CSFG aims to assist science fiction, fantasy, horror writers and illustrators Australia-wide to develop their craft through workshops, critiquing and sharing news and experiences. CSFG publications can be obtained through select bookshops.

Table of Contents.

Winds of Change

Edited by Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Stories and authors:

Wraiths by Jason Nahrung

Gravity Express by Naomi Mondello

Time Capsule by Tsana Dolichva

The Tether of Time by Leife Shallcross

Trigger by Zena Shapter

Babel by Robin Shortt

Saint Olivia’s Light by Carol Ryles

In Need of Assistance by Chris Andrews

After the Bombs by Adam Tucker

The Horns of Elfland by Crisetta MacLeod

Time Spent by David Coleman

Soul of the Machine by Maxine McArthur

Dream Shadow by Alan Baxter

Giant by Annelise Roberts

Evolution Baby by Lesley Boland

The Princess by Valerie Y.L. Toh

Children of the Ashes by Greg Mellor

By Watcher’s Pool by James Goodrum

Turning the Blood by Donna Maree Hanson

Watching by Nicole R Murphy

The Stormchilds by Helen Stubbs

The Fool by Jane Virgo

Dragonfly by Cat Sheely

Stone-singer by Joanna Fay

On a different topic, my writing group, Prana Writers, is doing a fundraiser.

Prana Writers are really excited to be embarking on the Book In A Day challenge on 14th August! On that day our team will plan, plot, write, illustrate, edit, print and bind an 8000 word book, all to raise funds for the Queensland Royal Children’s Hospital.

We’re the only group currently registered in Queensland, so we hope to raise as much as possible for the kids. We’re all parents, so this cause is close to our hearts, and every few dollars helps. It will be fingers down, laptop screens up! But I reckon we can do it.

At 8am on 14th August the team will be emailed a random setting, two human characters, a non-human character, an issue and five random words. The 8000 word story must be written using these, then emailed to the judges by 8pm the same day.

All funds Prana Writers raise, and a copy of the complete book, will be donated to the Queensland Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

To sponsor this cause, donations can be made online by credit card and it’s tax deductable.

Just select our hospital – Royal Children’s Hospital Qld and the group, Prana Writers.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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