Amica, the Centaur and the Right End

Well, I’m still working on my Centaur story, and it’s gotten better. My main character, Amica, has become proactive about arranging the end she wants. I’m not entirely happy with it yet, but it’s getting there. I had a revelation at Katherine Howell’s tute today, that Amica was too passive. It is important that the […]

The Coral Sea Monster

This is the book we wrote yesterday from scratch to completion, The Coral Sea Monster. It’s 16,600 words long. When an OceanWorld truck rolls on the freeway at Pimpama, Jack, the sheep shearer from Thargomindah (I couldn’t spell that place yesterday morning) and Penny, the wanna-be podiatrist from Brisbane, do everything they can to help […]

Racism and PC in Steampunk and Spec Fic

This blog is to put my two bits in a conversation on the Vision list. We were discussing to what extent (or even if) considerations of stereotypes and concepts of Polictical Correctness apply within our genres. This is a public forum, so we’re wearing our opinions on our hats like that game where you have […]