Warm Fuzzies and Gadolinium

I’ve eaten too much junk food today, and all my stories are making me cranky, but I just had a rush of warm fuzzies because my friend Nicola Tierney has started a new blog. She’s a member of Prana Writers and a model builder. Speaking of Prana Writers, we had a great meeting on Saturday. It was fun and motivating with talks by Sarah Armstrong and Tom Betts.

I got some news last Friday, too. My submission to Winds of Change was accepted! The story is called The Stormchilds and it’s about twins born during a cyclone and the strange aura and power they have. Yay!

I’m working on my novella based on an alternate reality Gold Coast, working title being The Sands Sisters, and also another story for Machine of Death, but I can’t quite nut that last one out. It’s brave new worldy, and my character has decided to run, but I’m not sure where to go from there. I think I’m just exhausted, so there’s that little mountain between me and writing.


Okay, and I have to share, I had an MRI yesterday. No, it’s nothing to worry about, just an extra double-checking precaution by very careful doctors, but the process was really cool. It was like being in a time machine, and the sounds reminded me of the gigs I used to go to in the late 90s. There was a constant washing machine sort of sound, and another like someone was tapping on rhythm sticks, and many irregular loud blurts. I was wearing earphones, and I even got injected with gadolinium.

So I guess we can expect MRI time machine stories some time soon : )



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