Social media – inspired by Swancon

(my opinion, triggered by remote voyeurism of Swancon) My long held opinion is that marketing is evil, unless it’s for a good cause. Despite that, I’m kind of good at it. Social marketing is a particular kind of evil, if you’re being used to sell stuff to your friends (!). Now, if you’re choosing share […]

Midnight Echo, Inappropriate Interjections, Limitless

Good afternoon, drizzly world. Just completed my edits for ‘Surgeon Scalpelfingers’, soon to appear in Midnight Echo 6. The lovely David Kernot was my editor. Is calling a man ‘lovely’ a compliment? I hadn’t seen ‘Surgeon Scalpelfingers’ for a few weeks, so my fresh eyes found superfluous adjectives and phrases, and I’d used ‘around’ four […]

Amazon Breakthrough Expert Review

This is the review of the beginning of my novel Black Earth. It’s all here, the good and the bad. ABNA Expert Reviewer What is the strongest aspect of this excerpt? The strongest aspect of this is its originality. I felt like the author did a great job of capturing the reader’s interest and holding […]

The Cover

Dead Red Heart is nearly here, so here is what it will look like! Pre-orders get a 20% discount here. I’ve been working on a short story about an evil tooth fairy. About 2000 words. I need to texture it up a bit and get some feedback, so if anyone has some free time and […]

Midnight Echo 6 and Amazon Breakthrough

I have a sore back, a broken thumb-nail and a bruised ego. I’m not going bowling again. Furthermore, I’ve had a Tim-Tam hangover all day. Note to friends, don’t let Helen take left over Tim-Tams home from Prana Writers, especially not if jumbo-sized pack. And, Helen, don’t eat 6 in one day. The good writing […]