Verdan’s Marsh, scene 3: The Deal

The lift doors closed behind Admiral Blacklop, his back as straight and stiff as a knife. Steen’s gaze swam over the glass walls. Night was falling over the city expanse. His attention turned to Vikquan. She dropped her head into her hands and cried a loud sob. ‘Vik…’ Steen began, approaching her and trying to […]

Verdan’s Marsh: The Expansion is Here

‘Wider,’ said the purple bee, hovering in front of Verdan’s face. Verdan tried to relax as she lay on the soft Oober leaf. She stretched her lips and jaws wider. The large insect reached its foreleg right to the back of her mouth and scraped down her molars. ‘Relax, Verdan!’ Mindy called, giggling. She slapped […]