The Ministry of Silly Walks

Originally posted on Kathleen Jennings:
? Still a bit wobbly at this point, but look ma, no walking stick! Some thoughts about walking: ? I’ve just subscribed to Rob Walker’s Art of Noticing newsletter, which today recommended Elastic City‘s book Prompts for Participatory Walks. Since it sounded relevant for several projects, I ordered a copy and…

Bye School Holidays

One more day and the school holidays are over. I’m actually really sad! Other years I’ve been happy that the kids were headed back to school, but I guess they’ve grown up a bit and have driven me less mad this time. It’s been an awesome holiday. We didn’t go away anywhere, but we live in […]

Book Review: Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko

As posted on Goodreads. I took a little while to get into “Too Much Lip” by Melissa Lucashenko, but as the story grew and I learned more about the characters, I really began to enjoy it, and loved it in the end. It’s Kerry’s story, about coming home and bringing about her family’s reunion and […]