Her Quail Cuteness

It’s Rover at home. Such a cosy quail! This is my latest upload to RedBubble, because I think she’s too cute to not share. Installation by Jazz and photography & editing by Leni. Advertisements

Story Sale: Polymer Island, and other writing news.

Yesterday Kaleidotrope got in touch to say they’d like to publish my dark science fiction story “Polymer Island.” Yay. The story is an old-school science fiction piece about a researcher, Dr Majella Lawson, on a military expedition to explore a new island. She hopes to fulfil her dream of discovering rapidly adapting lifeforms, but instead […]

Springbrook Camping and Bushwalking

I had a great weekend at Springbrook with Jo, camping and walking. It was chilly, wet, green, and beautiful! The sun made brief appearances, while much water rose into and fell from the sky, as seen in Jo’s panorama from Best of All Lookout. The pic below is from behind one of the waterfalls on […]

Hummingbird Cake Recipe

  This recipe brings together a few recipes I found online and combined/tweaked. It has a lot of ingredients, but it’s pretty easy to make, and fun. I might try substituting sugar for honey, and also adding some orange. For a vegan version you could replace the eggs with chia seeds. Helen’s Hummingbird Cake ½ […]

SurferLeni — Softlite Chopstick Surfboard Review

I’ve been surfing! Twice so far, or three times if we count that time I had a go at seventeen. Because of that not-great experience as a youngun, on my bf’s pro board, I thought surfing was something I couldn’t do. It wasn’t until recently that it really clicked home that with the right board […]

Stop The Stuff

Christmas is nearly here and I just bought a trolley-load of presents for my kids, and I feel excited about Christmas day! This is the first year that I’ve felt excited about Christmas. It’s also the first year that I’ve bought a lot of presents for my kids. Firstly I want to acknowledge that I’m lucky […]

Being NowHere Showcase Event

Yesterday evening, creative collaborators and arts industry representatives came together for a showcase event and roundtable discussion in Southport. The showcase and conversation was to celebrate and discuss Being NowHere, a collaboration program for artists from diverse backgrounds, run by City of Gold Coast. Here’s a link to the video work pictured below, “Experiencing Space.” This is […]